Skylanders SuperChargers Announcement Round-Up

Skylanders Superchargers became official Wednesday morning finally giving us our first glimpse into what could be the most highly anticipated Skylanders game yet.

Let’s start off with the major point. Skylanders has brought in Vehicles! Not before some of you start to jump to conclusions, this is not a Skylanders racing game. It is a Skylanders game, that now features vehicle elements. Bringing the best of both worlds!

The storyline of the game is based around Kaos and his new Doomstation of Ultimate Doomstruction device. Eon has brought in a special team of Super Chargers and their vehicles to help save the day.

As with all previous Skylanders games, all previous figures will be compatible with this game. In addition, all previous bases will work as well as all of your precious traps! So any figure, base, or trap will be compatible with Skylanders SuperChargers.


As previously stated, the new line of Skylanders are called the SuperChargers. Activision has stated they plan to release 20 Skylanders SuperChargers figures and 20 Vehicles. So there will not be as many toys to collect this time around. In addition, they have done away with the ‘series 3, series 4, etc’ labeling. All figures are just going to be based on the SuperChargers. So Stelf Elf, that is included with the starter pack, is not a series ____. She will be called Super Shot Stealth Elf. Any additional announced Skylanders for this game will be named accordingly.

The series ____ was getting confusing to new players and even some old, so I am glad they look to be moving on from that naming scheme.


The new item to look for this year are Vehicles. What I really like about the vehicle toys themselves, are that they are simply that… toys! The wheels are fully rotatable, and there are no bases. The vehicles are designed for off-game play!

There are three types of vehicles in Skylanders SuperChargers: land, air, and water. Some of the water vehicles will even be able to be submerged, going underwater for even more fun gameplay.

There will be 20 vehicles available for Skylanders SuperChargers. Each matching a Skylanders SuperCharger. The good news is that any Skylander that you may have in your collection can drive any of the vehicles. But if you place the ‘matching’ Skylander SuperCharger with his or her base, the vehicle becomes supercharged and becomes even more powerful.


All eight primary elements are going to make an appearance again in Skylanders SuperChargers in both figures and vehicle form. Some users may notice that the light and dark elements are not to be found in the logo for the game. But in the official cover art that I posted yesterday, and can be found on the temporary Wii U box, does feature the elements in the background.

Also including those elements would bring the total element count up to 10. Remember, there are 20 vehicle and 20 figures. That would be 2 per element, and we all know Activision likes to keep things even and balanced for their Skylanders games.

Starter Pack

In the Starter Pack that will release on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 4, Playstation 3, and Wii U will include the following:

  • Skylanders SuperChargers Video Game
  • New Portal of Power
  • Spitfire SuperCharger
  • Super Shot Stealth Elf SuperCharger
  • Hot Steak vehicle
  • Collection Poster

There will also be a version released on the Wii, 3DS and iOS platforms. Though those starter packs and game functions have not officially been announced.

The Wii and 3DS will function differently that the main Starter Pack, but the complete details have not been announced at this time.

The iOS version will include ‘instant’ Spitfire and ‘instant’ Hot Streak pre-programmed into the game.

Also, as previously stated, all previous Skylanders bases will be compatible with Skylanders SuperChargers. So Activision will be releasing a digital Portal Owners pack. So if you want to skip the Starter Pack entirely, you will be able purchase the game digitally and use your old base.



Great news for all your Trap collectors. Traps will be compatible with Skylanders SuperChargers! If you place a trap into the base that is the same element as the vehicle you are using, you will unlock a special bonus for that vehicle.

If you place a trap that has a villain inside it, you will unlock that villains’ corresponding skystone.


Once again, we get a new base with the game. Again, you don’t need to upgrade to the new base if you don’t want to.

The base is big enough to handle one vehicle, two figures, and a magic item. If you choose to play co-op, you will only be able to use one vehicle. The second player will take over the ‘gunner’ position of whatever vehicle you use.

If you want to use an old base, it will work, but it may get a bit tight to fit everything else in.

Skylanders SuperChargers_Skylantis Environment Resized


We are getting online play for the first time in a Skylanders title! They are keeping it all under wraps for now, to be revealed in a future announcement.

Best Buy says: “Play with your friends in new online multiplayer races, duel it out on the track in thrilling high-octane head-to-head combat races or join forces in co-op modes”

But retailers have been wrong before, so be weary of that for now.



Pre-orders are open now! Skylanders SuperChargers will release on September 20th in the United States. On September 24th in Australia, and on September 25th in Europe.

You can pre-order today at Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Toys ‘R’ Us, or your retailer of choice!




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