VIDEO: Our E3 Plans / / Collection Room Tour!


We are preparing to head into E3 next week, so a lot is going to happen here in the next week! So wanted to share a video for what all to expect.

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We’re very excited to head out to E3 this year, but first let’s watch the video…

So yes I’m launching another website! I’m officially unveiling — my goto website for anything else I wish to discuss, analyze, or maybe even break some news! OBviously going to talk a lot about Tsum Tsums and Pop! Vinyl figures, but I’ll be sure to share some other information as well. Especially at E3, I’ll have a lot to share regarding some of my other favorite titles like Rock Band, Halo 5, and more.

So where is all the coverage going to be posted? Here is the breakdown…

BrickInquirer.comFacebook, Twitter — Covering all things LEGO and LEGO Dimensions

InfinityInquirerAd — Facebook, Twitter — Covering all things Disney Infinity


SkylandersInquirer.comFacebook, Twitter — Covering all things Skylanders


NintendoInquirer.comTwitter (Amiibo dedicated Facebook, Twitter) — Covering all things Nintendo & Amiibo


JasonInquires.comTwiter — Covering all other gaming, collectibles, and entertainment news


Toys For Games CastTwitter, iTunes — Discussing all things in the Toys To Life genre and more!

Here is a closer look at my collection room if you want to see it!


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