Several New Skylanders Figures, Vehicles & A New Pack Type Leaked At SDCC

Thanks to some images of the Skylanders SuperChargers marketing boxes that are currently being displayed at San Diego Comic Con, we have our first look at many new Skylanders figures, vehicles, and packs!

First up the following figures have been confirmed…

  • Astroblast
  • Big Bubble Pop Fizz
  • Lava Lance Eruptor
  • Thrillipede
  • Splat

In addition we also have some new vehicles shown as well…

  • Burn Cycle (supercharges with Lava Lance Eruptor)
  • Buzz Wing (supercharges with Thrillipede)
  • Soda Skimmer (supercharges with Big Bubble Pop Fizz)
  • Splatter Splasher (supercharges with Splat)
  • Stealth Stinger (supercharges with Super Shot Stealth Elf)
  • Sun Runner (supercharges with Astroblast)

Finally, we also got some information on a new kind of pack ‘Racing Action Pack’ that looks to include a trophy similar to the Kaos trophy that is found exclusively in the Dark Edition Starter Pack.

Also, good friend of the site, Matt from SkylandersCharacterList was sent some listings of various Skylanders, which were confirmed in the pictures above… all but one. The listing shows for a character named “Smash it”. Matt theorizes that it could be a prototype name, which could be the case. Maybe a translation issue as well? Who knows. Sounds like it could be another name for “Splat”, but we shall see.

Thanks to SkylandersCharacterList who was able to get some of the pictures of the box and I’ll share with you the more I get later!

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