Skylanders SuperChargers Dark Edition (Wii) Starter Pack Exclusive to TRU — No Single Figure Release


Toys ‘R’ Us is getting the Wii edition of the Skylanders SuperChargers Dark Edition Starter Pack exclusively. Pre-orders should begin this week.

As stated before, the dark edition figures are tied exclusively to the starter packs. They will not be released separately.

The internet was set a blaze this morning by a poorly worded tweet from Toys ‘R’ Us that some took as meaning that the Dark Edition Bowser was going to be available in a single figure release. That is untrue.

No other retailers have pre-orders for the Dark Edition for the Wii, and now Toys ‘R’ Us has uploaded the image of the Starter Pack to their servers, confirming the exclusive release.

The listing is not live yet, but will be soon as they have started to upload the Starter Pack images.

So the Toys ‘R’ Us tweet was somewhat right. Dark Bowser is exclusive to Toys ‘R’ Us, just in the Starter Pack… and pre-orders will begin this weekn.

Again, the Dark Edition figures and the ‘original’ Bowser / Donkey Kong figures are both tied to the Starter Packs. They will not be getting an individual release.

Toys ‘R’ Us should have worded the tweet better, but we’ve all been there.

Thanks to my friends over at @RangerCrew for the image from Toys ‘R’ Us!

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