‘Skylanders SuperChargers: Racing’ News Coming This Week — Leaked Video & Images

Skylanders is set to unveil some new information regarding the Skylanders SuperChargers Racing game this week at Gamescom. Remember, this is the version of Skylanders SuperChargers that will be releasing on the Nintendo Wii and 3DS systems this fall.

First up Skylanders is officially teasing the news on their social media platforms

In addition, thanks to dark52 over at DarkSpyro, we have our first true HD look at the Golden Queen trophy



Finally, early this morning a video leaked showing off a promotion between Skylanders and a ‘noodle’ company over in Europe. In the video we see many new things, but maybe most importantly, we see a group of villains (Specifically: Hood Sickle, Pepperjack, and Wolfgang) in race vehicles. Really curious how these race trophies end up being like.

The video was originally posted on vimeo, but has since been pulled. Here is a mirror that is available on YouTube.

We are expecting everything to becoming official on Wednesday.


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