Multiplayer Adventure & Racing Modes Detailed For Skylanders SuperChargers

Skylanders officially detailed their various multiplayer modes this morning at the Gamescom convention in Germany.

First off, let’s detail the multiplayer in the Adventure mode, which is a bit easier to explain but is still very exciting.

Online co-op is officially coming to the Skylanders games.

You will now be able to play co-op in the main Skylanders game with another friend across the internet. As with almost any game, your friend is required to be on the same console type (So if you have an Xbox One, you can only play with other plays using an Xbox One).

Plus in addition, you will be able to use voice chat, as long as the person you are playing with is on your friends list, which is a great privacy move for parents.

But not onto the multiplayer racing.

Racing is going to be a huge side add-in for the franchise. It’s keeping everything the same that makes Skylanders great, but then adding in a Mario Kart like game as a bonus.

The racing feature will include 8 total drivers, but only four of those can be ‘live’ players. So it’s essentially a four-player online experience, and the computer AI players will fill in the rest of the roster. So if you are only playing online with one other friend, you will then have six computer players.

Included in the starter pack are six tracks, with another six ‘boss’ tracks available for unlock through the purchase of the previously leaked ‘Action Packs’.

Each ‘Action Pack’ includes the following: a SuperCharger figure, the ‘matching’ vehicle, and a racing trophy. The packs will retail for $34.99.

So what exactly are the Racing Trophies then? Here is what they said in the official press release:

These optional expansion packs, one each for Land, Sea and Sky, unlock even more thrilling racing content for Portal Masters. Each pack comes loaded with three special toys, including a SuperCharger, its signature vehicle and a villain trophy. The villain trophy unlocks two new tracks and new modes, including SuperVillain Cup, Boss Pursuit and Mirror Cup. There are 12 boss villains across all three packs, with four in each pack, which players can defeat and play as. Fans can then store these boss villains on their villain trophy toy to play at a friend’s house.

So yes, even though you already the villain trapped in side a trap, you will not be able to play as the villain… you must purchase a separate item, and after defeating the villain, you can then play as that villain.

Feels like this is the first time that a Toys-To-Life game has essentially made you re-purchase something you already have. So curious how fans will feel about this.

As far as the racing gameplay itself goes, as stated before it will feel like a lot like other combat racers like Mario Kart. If you time the sequence right, you can get a boost at the beginning of the track. There are power-ups, shortcuts, etc. Everything you’d expect from a combat racer like this is included.

One major thing to point out that is different from Mario Kart is that you will not be able to ‘store’ the items/powerups you receive by smashing through the boxes. As soon as you hit one of the powerup boxes, you instantly use whatever item was inside.

You can check out an interview as well as video gameplay from six of the tracks that will be included in Skylanders SuperChargers in the videos below thanks to friend of the site Andy Robertson and FamilyGamerTV



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