Skylanders ‘Battlecast’ Card Game App Preview Now Live — 270 Cards!


The Skylanders Battlecast card app is now live in the Android and iOS app stores.

The Battlecast game officially launches in 2016, but Skylanders is giving us a ‘taste’ now.

Unfortunately no actual battle modes are live, but it will allow you to scan in your two cards you get with your starter pack. Scanning in each card allows to use the AR mode with the card.

There are four cards to unlock so far by completing separate quests with the cards.

You can also print out the Spitfire and Stealth Elf cards right now.

In the collection screen, it does say there are 270 cards in the collection. Though it’s not clear right now whether that’s 270 physical cards or that includes some digital only versions as well.

Here is the official descriptions in the App Store and Play Store right now….

Skylanders Battlecast is a free-to-play card battle game where you’ll be bringing cards-to-life to battle against Kaos and his minions. Build a team of three from some of your favorite Skylanders across all the different franchises and construct the ultimate deck for battle. Compete online in PvP action to become a legendary Battlecaster!

Battlecast card battles are on their way in 2016. Begin your quest now to become a champion Battle Caster with the Skylanders® Battlecast Cards To Life sneak peak. Interact with your Skylanders through the power of Augmented Reality, complete quests to unlock cards, and prepare for the ultimate battle to come!

Thanks to Skylanders Character List for the heads up!

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