Skylanders SuperChargers Wave 3 Vehicles Showing Up At Toys ‘R’ Us Today!


There was a little bit of a hushed rumor going around that the wave 3 Skylanders SuperChargers vehicles would be released today at Toys ‘R’ Us… and thankfully that appears to be the case!

Starting today, you should be able to walk into your local Toys ‘R’ Us and pick up any of the follow three vehicles…

  • Thump Truck
  • Splatter Splasher
  • Shield Striker

Don’t forget the final 3 Eon’s Elite figures came out on Sunday!

Toys ‘R’ Us does have a Save $20 off a $40 Skylanders purchase going on this week as well, so there are some savings to be had.

As always, be sure to be on the lookout for chase variants… shield striker has been reported as having a ‘patina’ paint scheme!

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