POLL: Vote On Your Favorite Skylanders Figure From 2015!


2015 is coming to a close, and what a year it was for Skylanders! We saw some of the most highly anticipated Trap Team figures with some incredible Trap Masters bering released. Then in the fall the release of Skylanders SuperChargers came with vehicles and some big re-imagined drivers ready to fly through the Skylands.

So that had me thinking.. what was your favorite figure for Skylanders that was released 2015?

To just pick one figure from both franchises I feel would be unfair. So… what is your favorite figure from Trap Team and SuperChargers?

On the embedded poll below you will see it has 3 pages. Trap Team figure, SuperChargers figure, and SuperChargers Vehicle.

Just pick one item on each page and then hit submit at the end!

If the embedded window at the bottom does not work, you can head also directly to the poll by clicking this link

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