FIRST LOOK: Bone Bash & Tomb Buggy Dual Pack Coming In January For Skylanders SuperChargers

This morning, Tesco published the first image of the Bone Bash Roller Brawl & Tomb Buggy Skylanders SuperChargers Dual Pack that is set for release in January.

This will be the 3rd Dual Pack to be released (after the Hurricane Jet Vac and the Shark Shooter Terrafin Dual Packs from earlier this year). Plus don’t forget the two Nintendo Skymiibo Dual Packs coming in January as well.


There has been some rumors that the Legendary version of Bone Bash Roller Brawl would be releasing as soon as today at Toys ‘R’ Us, but no images of the packaging in hand have surfaced yet.

In addition the single release of the Tomb Buggy vehicle has been spotted on GameStop’s website, but no word yet on availability of that as well.

Source: Chompy-King257 on Dark Spyro

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