FIRST LOOK: Skylanders Battlecast Packs — 270 To Collect!


Skylanders: Battlecast, the ‘cards-to-life’ game, is coming in 2016. And I just got the first pictures of the packs to share with you!

Thanks to twitter follower @terman8or we have our first look at the packs and details of what is to come!

First thing first. There are going to be 270 cards released in the Battlecast series. 270!

Those cards will be broken down into four different categories: Character cards, spell cards, relic cards, and gear cards

  • Character Cards — Summon your Skylander to cast spells and attack your foes
  • Spell Cards — Cast powerful spells to smite foes on the field of battle
  • Relic Cards — Change how the game is played with mysterious relics
  • Gear Cards — Equip gear to boost your Skylanders

A trading card game wouldn’t be complete without rarities, right? There are four rarity levels for Skylanders Battlecast: Common, Rare, Epic, and Ultimate.

So how does one get these cards? They will be available in two different styles of packs (at least): Booster Packs & Battle Packs.

Booster Packs are the bread and butter. These packs will give you 8 cards. Though no word yet officially if there is a guaranteed ‘rarity’ in each pack.

In addition to the Booster Packs, there are also Battle Packs (that won’t get confusing at all). The Battle Pack includes 22 cards plus a ‘trading shield’.

What’s the trading shield? Good question.

In Skylanders Battlecast, you will actually ‘scan in’ your cards, and around the edge of each card is a unique code corresponding to that card. After you scan that card in, the cards are non-transferable. So they give you the Skylanders Battlecast ‘Trading Shield’ that allows you to safely trade the card, or post photos online, without someone ‘scanning the code’.

So what cards are we getting? Here are the lists so far…

  • Commons
    • Hex
    • Smash Hit
    • Snap Shot
    • Spitfire
    • Spyro
    • Stealth Elf
    • Stormblade
    • Trigger Happy
  • Rare/Epic (Hard to see color in photo)
    • Crusher
    • Food Fight
    • Hot Head
    • Jawbreaker
    • Jet-Vac
    • Pop Fizz
    • Riptide
    • Roller Brawl
  • Ultimate
    • Countdown
    • Eruptor
    • Flashwing
    • Krypt King
    • Ninjini
    • Tree Rex
    • Wash Buckler
    • Whirlwind

Finally, what is the cost?

Josh said the packs Booster Packs cost him $7.99 NZD ($5.45 USD or so) and the Battle Packs cost $16.99 NZD ($11.64 USD or so).

So we’ll see how that translate to pricing, but that sounds about right.

Check out all the photos below!

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