Nintendo ‘Skymiibo’ Dual Pack Releasing on 1/9 at GameStop, Also Receiving Exclusive Kaos Trophy


If you are on the lookout for those Nintendo ‘Skymiibo’ crossover Dual Packs, you can head to your local GameStop store on 1/9 where they will host another ‘Skylanders Day’ event.

Two Dual Packs will be released. One that contains Donkey Kong and his vehicle, and one that contains Bowser and his vehicle.

In addition to those Nintendo SuperCharged Combo Packs (which are NOT exclusive to GameStop), GameStop will also be exclusively be releasing the Kaos Trophy Cup (which was previously only available in the Dark Edition Starter Packs).  That will retail for $7.99.

These items are listed as ‘available now’. But do not guarantee that they will be available STARTING that day. So always worth checking your local stores.

In addition to those two new releases, GameStop is offering many deals as well…

  • FREE any previous Skylanders Starter Pack with purchase of ANY Skylanders SuperChargers Packs
    • $39.99 — All Skylanders SuperChargers Standard Starter Packs
    • $60.00 — All Skylanders SuperChargers Dark Edition Starter Packs
  • Buy 1 Get 1 free on any new Skylanders SuperChargers Figure or SuperChargers Vehicle
    • Product must be in the same category (either have to get two figure, or two vehicles. Can’t mixx and match)
  • 50% off on select Action and Combo Packs
    • $17.49 — Sea Racing Action Pack, Sky Racing Action Pack
    • $12.49 — Jet SuperCharged Combo Pack, Shark Supercharged Combo Pack

See all the details in the flyer below

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