PSA: Don’t Forget GameStop’s “Skylanders Day” On Saturday!


Don’t forget! Tomorrow you can head out to GameStop for yet another Skylanders Day and take advantage of many different deals.

Here are some of the deals to expect….

  • FREE any previous Skylanders Starter Pack with purchase of ANY Skylanders SuperChargers Packs
    • $39.99 — All Skylanders SuperChargers Standard Starter Packs
    • $60.00 — All Skylanders SuperChargers Dark Edition Starter Packs
  • Buy 1 Get 1 free on any new Skylanders SuperChargers Figure or SuperChargers Vehicle
    • Product must be in the same category (either have to get two figure, or two vehicles. Can’t mixx and match)
  • 50% off on select Action and Combo Packs
    • $17.49 — Sea Racing Action Pack, Sky Racing Action Pack
    • $12.49 — Jet SuperCharged Combo Pack, Shark Supercharged Combo Pack

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