FIRST LOOK: Skylanders Wave 4 Vehicles, Triple Pack, and Spring Ahead Dive Bomber!

Skylanders-Superchargers-Wave-4-Vehicles (1)

Amazon Italy has started to put up listings for the Wave 4 Vehicles, a new Triple Pack, and the Spring Ahead Diver Bomber vehicle for Skylander SuperChargers!

Thanks to ZapNorris over at DarkSpyro we get a look at a bunch of packaging, including the first official look at the Hotstreak Single Figure which will make a lot of you happy.

Here is the full list of images available…

  • Hot Streak
  • Soda Skimmer
  • Sun Runner
  • Tomb Buggy
  • Tomb Buggy, Bone Bash Roller Brawl, Splatter Splasher Triple Pack
  • Easter Themed Spring Ahead Diver Comber


No release date is set yet, though some of the listings are listed as a release in February. Stay tuned for more information

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