New Features & Changes In Skylanders Battlecast Game

IMG_0089 (1)

Wanted to give you an update regarding the Skylanders Battlecast game and some new features they are adding to the game.

Skylanders Battlecast is still set for a release any week now heading into March. You can check out my early previews of the game here.

But they did push an update out on February 2nd so wanted to show you some of the new re-design and a new daily spinner.

As you can see in the images below they did change the initial menu screen and the card selection screen before you enter into battle. Both are major improvements over the old style. I really like the new Character selection screen with the “album preview” style roll out. It’s much quicker and instantaneous to move around.

Finally they did add a new feature called the “daily spin”. The daily spin requires 40 coins, and allows you to spin for a prize. The prize can be worth more, or of course worth less, than the 40 coins in requires to take a spin. There appears to be a bonus for doing it 7 days in a row, so hopefully I can do that to find out what kind of bonus you get! One day I got 20 coins, while another day I got a booster pack. So we’ll see what happens!

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