TONIGHT: ‘Cake Masters’ Takes On Designing Skylanders Themed Cakes!


Tonight, Food Network’s “Cake Masters” will take on the challenge of designing some Skylanders themed cakes to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the gaming franchise.

The episode will air tonight on Food Network at 9 PM ET.

Here is the description of the show plus a trailer of the episode:

Duff Goldman and his crew of Hollywood cake masters are tasked with making a mind-blowing cake creation for the anniversary of the mega-huge video game franchise, Skylanders.

Get ready for an epic Skylanders cake transformation that you won’t want to miss! To celebrate 5 years of the beloved kids video game franchise, the Skylanders team enlisted the help of famed cake decorator Duff Goldman, to create a life sized, edible and playable treat only he and his team could pull off. The adventure was captured on camera for Duff’s newest show Cake Masters, premiering on Food Network.

Known for some of the most-massive, mind-blowingly elaborate cakes, Duff Goldman and his experts in cake design are back on Food Network for a new series. On the premier episode, the cake masters take on a mega cake for the anniversary of powerhouse video-game franchise, Skylanders. The bakers bite off more than they can chew when they are tasked with staying true to the franchise by allowing the cake to come to life with a Skylanders Portal!

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