Pre-Order: Skylanders Battlecast Booster, Battle, Ultimate Starter Pack, & Booster Box Up


Skylanders Battlecast is coming next week! Amazon and Toys”R”Us are starting to place things up for pre-order before the release on May 24th.

I’m still working on the preview article for the game, so if you are still confused about Battlecast, I will have it ready for launch day! But for now, let’s take a look at what is available to pre-order

Skylanders Battlecast cards will be primary released in two fashions:

  • Booster Pack –8 random cards, but guaranteed 1 Epic or Ultimate card in each pack
    • Three different designs, but has no relevance to what is inside each pack
  • Battle Pack — 22 cards, 1 Deck Box, 1 Trading Shield and 1 Collection/Beginner’s Guide
    • Two different Battle Packs are available guaranteeing those three cards
      • Spyro, Snap Shot and Stormblade.
      • Trigger Happy, Hex and Smash Hit

The Booster Packs look set to retailer at $4.99/$5.99, while the Battle Packs are set to retailer for $9.99

Here are the releases, starting at super values onto the standard releases

Skylanders Battlecast Booster Master Box (36 Booster Packs)


36 booster packs, that’s right… 36! Right now you can pre-order at Amazon an entire case of Skylanders Battlecast cards.

Obviously no guarantees you can complete a full set going this route, but it is fun to get an entire case.

Price: $169.99 ($4.72 a pack) — Amazon Prime members save 20% bringing the cost to $135.99 or $3.77 a pack

Skylanders Battlecast Ultimate Starter Pack


Great way to jump into the Skylanders Battlecast is with this Ultimate Starter Pack. In this pack you get both of the Skylanders Battlecast Battle Packs plus get 9 Booster Packs.

If that isn’t enough, you also get that cool card case!

Price: $59.99 (Over $65 value!)Amazon Prime members save 20% bringing the cost to $47.99

The value of just the cards is $65 PLUS you get a Card Case (probably valued around $10?). So this is a great price point to jump into the game and get ready to play.

Skylanders Battlecast Battle Pack

The two Battle Packs are a great value, plus guarantee three character cards.

I’m not 100% certain right now if those battle packs are the only way to get those six cards, but I don’t believe so.

In addition to the cards, remember you get that ever important trading shield which blocks the scanning code around the side if you are looking to show your cards online before you scan them.

Price: $9.99 each (available for pre-order at Toys”R”Us)

Skylanders Battlecast Booster Pack

The core of the Skylanders Battelcast release is the booster pack. These packs are completely random, but do guarantee 1 Epic or Ultimate card inside each pack.

There are three different designs of the Booster Pack featuring Eruptor, Jet Vac, and Pop Fizz, but they have do not have any effect on what cards are inside.

Price: $4.99/$5.99 (Toys”R”Us has them listed as $4.99, while Target has them in their ad for $5.99)

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