HUGE PINCH OF SALT RUMOR: Crash Bandicoot Skylanders Imaginators Starter Pack Listing


Alright, before you go into full reaction mode, remember this is a huge pinch of salt.

A retailer based in Singapore named Qisahn has a listing up featuring a Playstation 4 exclusive “Crash” Skylanders Imaginators Starter Pack.

Saying the “Crash edition content to be announced later. this is a Playstation 4 exclusive”.

Now, Crash has been long speculated to come to Skylanders, but recently has picked up more steam. Especially after it came out that Activision still owns the rights to Crash Bandicoot.

Game Informer even put in their article (but then quickly deleted) that there was another Guest Start to come to Skylanders Imaginators (like how Donkey Kong and Bowser came to Superchargers).

NOW… how legitimate is this retailer?

Obviously it’s not as legitimate as your big box stores like Amazon, Best Buy, etc. But we’ve had some leaks from random retailers across the globe (how many times have you heard a South African retailer leaking something?). So it is possible. This company also has some store fronts, so it’s not just an online company. There are even some interviews on Yahoo and other places with the owner of the store.

So the store itself is definitely legitimate, whether it’d have access to this kind of information, that remains to be seen.

Again, I typically don’t post the “far out there” rumors, but felt this one had just enough meat to it to make it worth posting. Especially with how hot the Crash rumor has been getting recently.

But E3 would be the perfect time to announce it!


Another retailer from Singapore based retailer posted on their facebook page about a Crash Starter Pack as well. This one isn’t as credible as the first retailer, but it’s worth pointing out in the grand scheme of things


Credit to acougan on Dark Spyro for finding it!