VIDEO/REVIEW: Skylanders Battlecast Accessories by PowerA


Skylanders Battlecast cards have been a huge hit for many fans around the globe. After scanning your cards in the game, the question quickly becomes “What do I do with my cards now?”. Many of you, like myself, still really like the cards and want to keep them in great condition. Thankfully PowerA has created some really incredible products to help you accomplish that.

The two products available are a Card Case and a Spell Book.

You can check out my video review, followed by a more in-depth look and written review.


The card case is currently the only item that is available in the U.S., but it is still locked in a Skylanders Battlecast Starter Pack Bundle that is available at Amazon.

Don’t get me wrong, the Starter Pack Bundle is an incredible value for new Skylanders Battlecast players that I highly recommend. But this product deserves to be purchased individually as well.

The Card Case is DEEP. It’s not just a simple 30-40 card case you may get in other Deck Boxes. This case holds well over 200 cards comfortably. All inside a leather exterior box, protected by a velvet interior.

When you shut the case, there is a strong magnet that makes sure the case stays closed, keeping your cards safe.

Overall, I can’t stress enough how high of a quality this product is. If you want to keep your loose Battlecast cards safe, this is the way to do it.


The Spell Book is currently only available internationally (I picked mine up at Amazon UK, which ships internationally). But is the best way to hold your cards in an organized binder.

Inside the Spell Book, you can hold the 24 Character cards and their spell cards. So, essentially that means it holds 144 cards total.

Whether you want to keep it structured or not, that’s up to you.

With 270 cards to collect, I would love to have two of these around to keep all of my cards organized.

Just like the Card Case, the Spell Book is protected by a plush leather exterior. Inside the pages are non-removable. But they are in place pretty tight, so don’t worry about them being ripped out.

Also inside, is this fun artwork design, that only adds to the quality of the product.

Once again, I highly recommend you pick this up if you can!

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