GIVEAWAY: Win a Skylanders Imaginators Starter Pack!


It’s time for the summer of giveaways on my various websites, and here is the first one for Skylanders fans! Up first is your chance to win a Skylanders Imaginators Starter Pack (standard edition) on the system of your choice. The item will be shipped to you from a retailer to give it to you as close to launch day as possible!

Skylanders Imaginators launches on October 16th in the U.S.

To enter, simply use the giveaway widget below or you can always go directly to the dedicated page by clicking here.

If you are on mobile, you may see a giant button that says “click here!”

Don’t forget to come back each day as there are a lot of daily entries!

And of course, don’t forget to enter my Splatoon amiibo, LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack, or the Finding Dory Play Set and Nemo Figure for Disney Infinity giveaways either.

Skylanders Imaginators Starter Pack

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  • Sure, I’ll bite. 😛

  • Zachary Gerber

    can i have this?

  • richard kerr

    looking forward to creating characters in skylanders the most

  • Sabrina

    My son is so excited!

  • Lego21

    I love it!

  • Lego21

    I love it!

  • Neal Heatherly

    I’m more excited about playing as a villain, actually.

  • txskylanders

    I am most looking forward to creating my own Skylanders.

  • OminousEnigma

    I’m excited. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • FatmanOSU

    I want to make my own.

  • carla8478

    My son is going to love this!

  • carnold

    I’m so excited, I can hardly wait for Crash Bandicoot!!!

  • Mik Sand

    Can’t wait for Master King Pen and Golden Queen!

  • Bill Gainer

    Making my own Skylander

  • Patrick Ramsey

    I haven’t gotten into Skylanders before, but I’d love to see Crash and Spyro, maybe even eventually Ratchet and Clank, so I’m giving this giveaway a shot

  • Kyle

    So far haven’t been too impressed with the character creation, but playing as villains is overdue!

  • Definitely looking forward to creating my own Skylander, but also definitely playing as Crash!

  • Chris

    I’ve never won one of Jason’s giveaways and ive entered almost all of them! This would be perfect for me as I’m now making skylanders my main game with no more Disney infinity but I’m still not ready to pay full retail for this!

  • Tony Angeles

    Thanks for this contest!

  • Tammy Iler

    I’m excited about making my own skylander!

  • Anthony Paldino

    I’m excited to make my own Skylander!

  • Troy

    I bet $5,000,000,000 I dont win! Lol Thanks for the contest

  • Allison Lesley

    I really think its going to be cool to make our own character!! Love Skylanders

  • Cory

    Never played this game, but I have always loved crash growing up.

  • Joseph Messer

    I’m excited about making my own skylander!

  • rachel rohde

    making my own skylander.

  • Joshua D Easter

    I have yet to play any of the Skylander games. I am picking some up on Amazon Prime Day. This newest one sounds interesting.

  • Bobthefirst

    Crash Bandicoot is going to sell units of this game for sure. Hopefully I just win one and don’t have to buy it :p

  • Trevor

    Playing as a villain!

  • Soooooo pumped!

  • James Howlett


  • Joe Uhler

    Here’so to hoping.

  • kymnasium

    I’m super excited to make my own Skylander.

  • Frederico P. Antunes


  • Matt Stein

    so awesome

  • Mark Campi

    Great Giveaway!!