NEW SKYLANDERS FIGURE: Villain Hood Sickle is Coming To Skylanders Imaginators


This week at NYC Blogger Bash, during the Sweet Suite event, Skylanders officially unveiled a new Skylander figure for Skylanders Imaginators: Hood Sickle.

That’s right, the villain from Trap Team will be one of the 11 villain Sensei in the upcoming Skylanders Imaginators game!

The only thing we know so far is that he is now part of the Dark element and is in the Sentinel class.

Unfortunately, there are no “official” images released so far. Skylanders has only officially acknowledged the figure so far on their Snapchat story.

But thanks to some bloggers at the event, we do have some pretty decent pictures:

A closeup of Hoodsickle. #skylanders #activison #darkelement #imaginators

A photo posted by Benny Rose (@itsbennyrose) on

Another shot of Hoodsickle. #skylanders #activison

A photo posted by Benny Rose (@itsbennyrose) on

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