Denmark Retailer Promising “Exclusive Character” With Skylanders Imaginators Pre-Order


Denmark based retailer BR-Toys is showing a Skylanders Imaginators pre-order bonus, promising an “exclusive character”.

An exclusive character as a pre-order bonus isn’t a new thing for Skylanders, happened most recently with Gear Shift for Skylanders Trap Team. Though that figure was just a timed exclusive for those that pre-ordered.

But the interesting part about this offer, is of course the base design for this figure.

That new base design and color is one we have not seen before. This is leading many people to believe Kaos is finally getting a figure treatment this year.

Obviously this could be any figure, but he feels to be the best fitting candidate.

In addition to the figure, you also receive a poster, sticker, and a coloring book.

No information has been spotted for this promotion outside of this single store, but I’m sure we will learn more about it soon.

Source: Beastrt (on DarkSpyro)

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