RUMOR: Here Is Our First Look at the Kaos Figure for Skylanders Imaginators


Thanks to Canadian retailer Microplay, we may have our first look at the Kaos figure coming to Skylanders Imaginators.

Kaos has been speculated for some time, but really started to pick up steam this morning with the news of a pre-order exclusive figure.

Now reddit user Syniz says Microplay sent out an e-mail today containing the image you see above.

As pointed out by Aura24 over at Dark Spyro, the pose would match his old prototype from a few years ago.



Later, Dark52 from Dark Spyro found another image that is still currently hosted on Microplay’s website.


So this pretty much confirms it.

I would say the figure will be a (temporary) pre-order exclusive, to reward those who pre-order the game. Then it will show up in full release in later 2016 or early 2017. But we’ll see what Skylanders officially says!

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