Doctor Neo Cortex is coming to Skylanders Imaginators in Crash Bandicoot Starter Pack


UPDATE: Target has updated their Skylanders Imaginators Crash Edition listing showing off the new box art, giving us a closer look at the Doctor Cortex figure for Skylanders Imaginators.

You can pick up the Crash Edition of the Skylanders Imaginators Starter Pack on October 16th for Playstation 4 and Playstation 3


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Crash Bandicoot is the only character from the Crash universe that will be coming to Skylanders Imaginators.

The evil villain himself, Doctor Neo Cortex is coming as well!

Thanks to Google Image Search and an over prepared GameStop web manager, we get a full glimpse at the Skylanders Imaginators Crash Edition Starter Pack.

Previously we’ve known the Starter Pack was $99.99, but the contents didn’t add up to the math. Since they advertised the Crash Edition Starter Pack box art as a temporary image, we knew something else was coming.

But don’t think many of us thought it’d be Doctor Neo Cortex!


So the inclusion of Doctor Neo Cortex makes the $99.99 price tag more manageable.

Expect the official announcement this week at Gamescom.

You can currently pre-order the Crash Bandicoot Skylanders Imaginators Starter Pack at Amazon or the retailer of your choice.

I still believe Crash Bandicoot will be released in a single figure sometime in late 2016 or early 2017, but Doctor Neo Cortex could be a bit more interesting. But still think there would be a decent chance as well.

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