Skylanders Imaginators Announce New “Imaginite Mystery Chests” — Which Are Still A Mystery


Skylanders has announced a new collectible piece type for Skylanders fans to get this fall.

Introducing the “Imaginite Mystery Chests”.

Here is the official description in the announcement today:

Portal Masters will soon be able to collect Imaginite Mystery Chests. These chests will unlock new creation pieces, such as gear, weapons, and parts for players’ Imaginator characters.

Unfortunately not a lot to learn from there.

We first saw this mysterious chest in a previously leaked, and now confirmed, image of the contents of the Dark Edition of Skylanders Imaginators


Side note: remember the Dark Edition for Skylanders Imaginators is a GameStop exclusive!

In addition to the Dark Edition Imaginite Mystery Chest, someone also spotted three more in the fake Pop-Up Shop at GamesCom

Look very obviously Gold, Silver, and Bronze to me.

So we will be getting at least four Imaginite Mystery Chests.

But beyond that? Who knows at this point.

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