Skylanders Imaginators Mystery Chests to Be Released in Blind Bags

skylanders-mystery-chestSkylanders Imaginators will be able to pick up new items for their imaginator creation in new Mystery Chest blind bags this fall.

When we first officially learned about these chests, all Skylanders would say is

Portal Masters will soon be able to collect Imaginite Mystery Chests. These chests will unlock new creation pieces, such as gear, weapons, and parts for players’ Imaginator characters.

Now thanks to a listing on Bartsmit, we get our first look at how these will be distributed.


These chests will be distributed via blind bags, with either a gold, silver, or bronze chest inside.

The google translation of the listing says,

Extend your Skylanders Imaginators world with this cool Mystery Chest! Allows you unlock new weapons, gear and parts for your Imaginators figure. Skylanders Imaginators allows players to create their own figure. You have control over the appearance, strength, skills, name and more of your unique Skylander!

Note: This article is available in gold, silver and bronze version.Advance is not to determine what you receive.

So I would guess the color of the packaging is irrelevant to what is inside. But we will have to wait and see.

What will be interesting to find out is if any parts are exclusive to these chests (meaning you can’t unlock them in-game) and obviously what the final cost will be.

Remember, you do get one gold chest in the Dark Edition Starter Pack (exclusive to GameStop)

Source: Bartsmit (via ninja9351)


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