Steel Plated Hood Sickle (Best Buy) & Legendary Tri-Tip (Toys”R”Us) Exclusives Revealed


Over the weekend, two new store exclusive Skylanders Imaginators figures were revealed.


First up, Toys”R”Us will be releasing a Legendary version of Tri-Tip during the launch lineup on October 17th.

You can already place your pre-order online for the Legendary Tri-Tip figure (no word yet on in-store pre-orders).

Standard Tri-Tip is set to release in wave two, whenever that releases.

Sometime in the future, we will also see the release of Legendary Pit Boss at Toys”R”Us.


Best Buy is back with another figure in their “steel-plated” exclusive figure series (last year they released the exclusive Smash Hit figure).

It is set for release on Day 1 as well, though it is not available for pre-order.

Hood Sickle is also set for release in Wave 2, whenever they choose to release that. (Remember you can get the standard Hood Sickle on launch day in the exclusive Amazon bundle!)



Haven’t heard anything yet about Target’s “Nitro” series, but hopefully they continue that and we will find something out soon!

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