The fate of Skylanders may be revealed on February 9th during Activision’s 2016 Q4 Financial Results

Activision is set to release their fourth quarter financial results for the year 2016. The release will happen on February 9th at 4:30 PM ET.

For those who aren’t aware, there has been some rumblings that Skylanders may be cancelled. Some reports say staff has already left or are already onto other projects.

Disney Infinity was cancelled in the earnings report Disney had in May, so one could expect a similar fate with Skylanders during this event.

Skylanders still will be releasing a version of the Starter Pack on March 3rd alongside the release of the Nintendo Switch.

They also announced new figures / packs will be released later this Spring.

In my opinion, Both of those releases will still take place whether the game will be cancelled (or already has been cancelled). Just as Disney Infinity did in their situation, releasing the final few releases that were already in production and shipped to distributions centers.

In the end, we may still not get an answer regarding the fate of the franchise. But rumors have been swirling around for a few weeks, with both Skylanders and Activision remaining completely silent. You would think if there were some heavy rumors going around, Activision would want to deny them if they were false.

As this is a call to your investors, you want to give them a look at what’s coming next.

Activision has used the February earnings report the past couple of years to confirm a new Skylanders game was in development. If there is no indication of that, that would essentially be the confirmation of the rumors.

So I’d go ahead and circle this date on the calendar. Hopefully we find out some clearer information either way on this date.

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