PSA: Skylanders SuperChargers Wave 3 Figures Starting To Hit Stores (No Official Release Date)


Keep your eyes out Portal Masters!

Skylanders SuperChargers wave 3 figures are starting to hit stores in the U.S.

In this first half of a wave you can pick up…

  • Big Bubble Pop Fizz
  • Lava Lance Eruptor
  • Splat

The vehicles are set to release later.

Unfortunately no official release date for these figures is known, and it doesn’t appear to have any kind of ‘register lock’ at any retailer. So if you spot them at your local retailer, gram ’em up!

I got mine #remixed_skylanders #skylanders #superchargers

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#skylanderssuperchargers #skylanders just got them at toys r us

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At some point in the future we will also see the release of the wave 3 vehicles: Splatter Splasher, Shield Striker, and Thump Truck.

Check out my friend Robert from CoinOpTV who gives a great first look at the new figures and vehicles: