CONFIRMED: Nintendo amiibo / Skylanders (aka: Skymiibo) Releasing in Dual Packs!


Shortly after the rumor finally have some substance, I can finally confirmed that the Nintendo amiibo Skylanders figures (aka: the skymiibo figures) will be releasing in Dual Packs. Meaning yes, you can pick up Bowser, and Donkey Kong outside of their Nintendo Starter Packs. They should retail for $24.99 and once again will only work on the Nintendo systems.

Do not expect the Dark Edition figures and vehicles to release outside of their Starter Pack.

Here is the image of both of the packs from my twitter follower Amanda from her Walmart in Utah


So there you have it. Turbo Charge Donkey Kong, Barrel Blaster, Hammer Slam Bowser, and Clown Cruiser are coming in two different dual packs, coming to a retailer near you!