Skylanders Imaginators Launch Day Guide / Parents Guide — Everything You Need to Know!


NOTE: I will update this more on Monday when we get more information post-launch.

Skylanders Imaginators, the six game in the Skylanders universe, launches on October 16th.

To help you be prepared for launch day, I’ve put together a guide to help you out with your purchases as much as possible.

This guide itself will focus more on the physical toys rather than the gameplay, but will touch on some gameplay items as well.

Imaginators & Creation Crystals

The big new addition to the Skylanders game this year is the ability to create your very own Skylander.

Name, catch phrase, look, voice, etc…. all made up by you! This new character type is called an Imaginator.

This newly designed character is then saved to a Creation Crystal. There is a creation crystal for all ten elements.

So if you want to create a Life kind of Skylander, you would have to save it to a Life element Creation Crystal.

You get one Fire Creation Crystal included in the standard Starter Pack.

There is one thing you need to remember when it comes to the Creation Crystals.

When you choose a battle class for your Skylanders Imaginator character and save it to the Creation Crystal, the battle class can never be reset.

You can still change every aspect of that new Imaginator, including the name and design, but from now on it will ALWAYS have to be whatever that battleclass is.

So choose wisely!


There are 31 molds of Creation Crystals that should be coming to Skylanders Imaginators over the next few months.

Creation Crystals, like the Traps from a couple of years ago, will be released in various packaging throughout the next several months.

How many figures will there be in this game?

Skylanders has been clear from the start that there will be 31 new Skylanders figures released for this game (excluding variants). These are broken into two groups, Villain Sensei and Skylanders Sensei (known as Master Sensei). The groups are purely cosmetic.

Villain Sensei

  • Bad Juju
  • Blaster-Tron
  • Chompy Mage
  • Dr. Krankcase
  • Golden Queen
  • Grave Clobber
  • Hood Sickle
  • Kaos
  • Pain-Yatta
  • Tae Kwon Crow
  • Wolfgang

Master Sensei

  • Air Strike
  • Ambush
  • Aurora
  • Barbella
  • Boom Bloom
  • Buckshot
  • Chain Reaction
  • Chopscotch
  • Crash Bandicoot
  • Dr. Neo Cortex
  • Ember
  • Flarewolf
  • King Pen
  • Mysticat
  • Pit Boss
  • Ro-Bow
  • Starcast
  • Tidepool
  • Tri-Tip
  • Wild Storm

Obviously not all of these figures are coming out at launch, but we’ll get to that in a second.

What Starter Packs are being released?

There are three Starter Packs available for you to pick up.

Standard Starter Pack


  • 1 Video Game
  • 2 Sensei Skylanders (King Pen and Golden Queen)
  • 1 Imaginite Creation Crystal (Fire)
  • 1 Collection Poster
  • 1 Sticker Sheet

Dark Edition Starter Pack (GameStop exclusive)


  • 1 Video Game
  • 3 Dark Sensei Skylanders (King Pen, Golden Queen, and Wolfgang)
  • 3 Creation Crystals (Fire, Life, and Dark)
  • 1 Dark Imaginite Crystal
  • 1 Portal of Power
  • 1 Dark Edition Collection Poster
  • Available on Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Wii U

Crash Edition Starter Pack (PS3 & PS4 Exclusive)


  • 1 Video Game
  • 4 Sensei Skylanders (King Pen, Golden Queen, Crash Bandicoot, and Dr. Neo Cortex)
  • 1 Imaginite Creation Crystal (Fire)
  • 1 Collection Poster
  • 1 Sticker Sheet
  • Available on Playstation 3 and Playstation 4
  • NOTE: Crash Bandicoot and Dr. Neo Cortex will be available in November in a Duo-Pack (listed as an Adventure Pack). They are playable on all systems

What will be releasing on Day 1?

Day 1 will launch with technically waves 1 and 2 at nearly every store. To that end, I decided to put everything together in one list.


  • Ambush
  • Aurora
  • Barbella
  • Chopscotch
  • Ember
  • Hood Sickle
  • Kaos (get free with a Starter Pack purchase at most retailers)
  • Mysticat
  • Dr. Krankcase
  • Starcast
  • Tae Kwon Crow
  • Tri-Tip
  • Wolfgang
  • NOTE: If you order the 5-Pack at Amazon, you can get Chompy Mage on Day 1 as well (he is schedule to come out in Wave 3)


  • Candy-Coated Chopscotch (All retailers — Spotted at Best Buy, GameStop, and Toys”R”Us)
  • Legendary Tri-Tip (Toys”R”Us)
  • Steel Plated Hood Sickle (Best Buy



  • Air (1)
  • Earth (1)
  • Life (2)
  • Light (2)
  • Magic (2)
  • Tech (1)
  • Undead (3)
  • Water (2)


  • Gryphon Park Observatory
    • Contains Air Strike figure, Earth Creation Crystal, and Gryphon Park Observatory figure


  • Gold, Silver, and Bronze chests sold in blind bags. Bags are available in three colors (Purple, Blue, and Green). Color of bag has no representation of what is inside.


  • There are 3 packs and 8 packs of the Creation Crystals available internationally. They have not shown up in any US retailer’s inventory that we have seen.

What sales are available on launch day/week?

Unfortunately sales are not plentiful this week to celebrate the launch of Skylanders. Most retailers are continuing to give Kaos for free when you purchase the Starter Pack.


  • FREE Creation Crystal when you purchase the Gryphon Observatory Adventure Pack
  • 2 for $10 — Imaginite Mystery Chests
  • 3 for $25 — Creation Crystals