No new #Skylanders console game in 2017; Activision will release a new mobile game and more Imaginators content

Activision held their Q4 earnings report, which as I previously reported, was when I thought we’d find out the status of the franchise that is rumored to be on shaking grounds.

First off, Skylanders and Netflix did announce Season 3 of Skylanders Academy has been added to the Netflix lineup for 2018, which seems like it is good news for the franchise.

Next up Activision confirmed a new Skylanders mobile game is in development. Whether this is a true Skylanders game, or a more pure mobile game like Lost Islands as they have released before, we’ll have to wait and see.

Finally, the news we thought we’d get became official. There will be no new Skylanders console game in 2017.

They did, however, say they will be producing more content for Skylanders Imaginators. They seemed to have implied this will be new content that has not been announced yet. Think of this as the way LEGO Dimensions has been supporting their game the past two years. Release new packs in store, but it will require online downloads to get the content.

The good news is, the franchise is not dead yet. It is definitely on shaky grounds, but hopefully this change will be a win for the consumer and the developers.

More info as it becomes available.