NOW AVAILABLE: Skylanders Imaginators Cursed Tiki Temple Level Pack [with Wild Storm figure]

Great news Portal Masters, the Cursed Tiki Temple Level Pack is now available!

While the pack has been available in other countries for some time being, it was delayed in the US from its original release of March 12th.

So hopefully you will be able to go to your local store and pick it up! We previously have gotten reports of people finding it at their local Toys”R”Us, and Target.

You can currently pick the pack up online at the following retailers:

Don’t forget the Cursed Tiki Temple Level Pack contains the following:

“The Cursed Tiki Temple level pack takes kids on an all-new adventure as they unlock more than 100 new offerings for their Skylanders Imaginators – a first in franchise history! The pack comes with Sensei character Wild Storm who will unleash a new level to players; a life Creation Crystal; and an Imaginite Mystery Chest”