Skylanders SuperChargers Dark Edition Looks Like It Will Be Announced This Week

UPDATE: A second image has appeared. This time showing kaos… with horns?

“We’ve got a dark secret. What could this mean Portal Masters?”


The Italian Facebook page for Skylanders posted a new image that seems to hint that we will be getting the Dark Edition announcement of Skylanders SuperChargers this week at SDCC.

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 10.28.12 AM


Now if you remember, the Dark Edition Starter Pack has been revealed at SDCC before. So it definitely seems this is coming.

Looks like we will be getting at least two vehicles, one of which is hot streak.

Second one isn’t as clear, but very well could be Sea Shadow.

Thanks to fraghead5 on /r/Skylanders and Drek95 on DarkSpyro for the information!




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