REPORT: Skylanders SuperChargers Dark Edition Figures & Vehicles May Release Individually

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Well, as a concluding chapter for the crazy last 24+ hours in the Skylands, here is one last news drop for you all. Skylanders may be releasing the Dark Edition figures as single release packs.

The news of this comes from a South African retailer (no not THAT South African retailer, but another one): Awx.Co.Za.

The retailer has ALL Skylanders SuperChargers Dark Edition figures and vehicles available for pre-order (Hot Streak, Clown Cruiser, Spitfire, etc. All of it)

Now this is a crazy story for many reasons, and it’s far from definite, but it’s worth reporting. Let’s take a look at why this could or could not make sense.

Why wouldn’t this make sense?

Obviously this would be a first for the Dark Edition Starter Packs. Really, entering this year Skylanders has never really released anything that was in a Starter Pack then outside of the Starter Pack. Let alone anything as special as a ‘Dark Edition’ Starter Pack.

So it would break all trends that Skylanders has used, but let’s be honest. This whole release has broken trends that they have used in the past. So maybe we can’t look at the situation using conventional logic like we have in the past.

Why would this makes sense?

Let’s break down some evidence for why they could do this.

First off, remember way back in June we got pictures of a Stealth Elf and Hot Streak in individual packaging.

I still fully believe these will see the light of day, as well as a single figure of Spitfire. So we heading into the release of Skylanders SuperChargers we knew Skylanders had a plan to offer some of the pieces that were “locked” inside of a Starter Pack into single package form.

Which is fine and dandy. Figured that would be for people who bought the Portal Owner’s pack (the digital edition of Skylanders SuperChargers) or people who are buying the Nintendo Starter Packs a way to get these items.

Then this week everything turned on it’s head


It was revealed we are getting the Nintendo Characters available outside of their Starter Pack, in two different ‘Dual Packs’ (or Combo Packs). Which came as a delight to make people who were looking to pick up those figures.

But that’s not all.

The Kaos Trophy, which has only been available inside the Dark Edition, will be released individually (exclusively at GameStop in the U.S.).

And this isn’t just a variant of the Trophy like we saw with the Kaos Trap in Trap Team. This is the exact same trophy.

Now obviously, yes, the trophy does offer some legitimate game play content that you would be missing out if you didn’t have the trophy. You won’t be missing anything by not having the Dark Edition figures or vehicles, besides the fact that they are just awesome.

But if they’re “blowing up” the Starter Packs, why not go the whole way? It’s definitely possible.

What about the retailer?

That’s a crucial piece of evidence to this whole idea. Can we trust the retailer?

It is from South Africa, which has actually been known to be the source of many leaks. But what about this particulate website?

It’s hard to say.

Everything about the listings seem legitimate (there are also pre-orders for other unannounced non-Skylanders items on the website as well).

I can’t speak for this specific retailer, but they chose to put the listings up. They didn’t just “happen”.

But I’ll keep my eye out on it!

Huge thanks to @TheReMARCable for tipping me off!

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