Skylanders Fans May Want to Circle March 1st on Their Calendar

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Alright Skylanders fans, buckle up in your favorite Skylanders Vehicle, cause we got a lot to talk about.

Toys”R”Us has listed March 1st in their inventory system as a big day for Skylanders fans featuring the release of many different products.

Power Blue Variants

I don’t think I’ve talked about these much here at Skylanders Inquirer, mostly because I’ve been hesitant to decide what these actually are. Since launch, people always dig into the Skylanders game code to see if they can find anything of interest, and one thing people found were these “power blue” variants of various figures.

Were they chase figures? Special in-game rewards? Event exclusives? WHO KNOWS!

But here is the image that got passed around a lot

As you can see, the image it shows off one figure and two vehicles…

  • Power Blue Splatt
  • Power Blue Splatter Splasher
  • Power Blue Gold Rusher

People thought that would mean we would see a release of Power Blue Double Dare Trigger Happy as well. The only evidence is this purported screenshot of a hacked 3DS version…


No video has ever surfaced, but they all seem to be legitimate.

Then Portal Power TV shared this image on Instagram

March 1st Street Date @toysrus ! – Eggcited Thrillipede – Spring Ahead Dive Bomber – Power Blue Driver Asmt (?) – Power Blue Vehicle Asrtmt (?) The "Assortment" implies there will be more than 1 Power Blue Driver and more than 1 Power Blue Vehicle. We've seen leaked pics of various "Power Blue" figures and vehicles. Some were legit and some were faked. Which ones do you believe will be released as "Power Blue" ?? … And what do you think of Eggcited Thrillipede and Spring Ahead Dive Bomber? Tags: #Skylanders #Superchargers #EggcitedThrillipede #SpringAheadDiveBomber #PowerBlue #PowerBlueSkylanders #PowerBlueSplatterSplasher #PowerBlueGoldRusher #PowerBlueSplat #PowerBlueDoubleDareTriggerHappy #PortalPowerTV #Brylander #StreetDate #ReleaseDate

A photo posted by PortalPowerTV (@portalpowertv) on

Since it does say “assortment”, it does provide more evidence that there is more than 1 of each. So perhaps these four Power Blue figures and vehicles are indeed real.

Just curious what they look like and the reasoning for their existence, besides Skylanders just wanting to pump out more variants. Which I’m still okay with.

Easter Variants

As you can see above, the two easter Variants are also slated for a March 1st release at Toys”R”Us

  • Eggcited Thrillipede
  • Spring Ahead Dive Bomber



Skylanders Battlecast

The top question I get right now is… WHEN IS BATTLECAST COMING?! And I’m right there with you. Obviously I’ve gotten my hands on the cards and game already, but I’m still just as eager as everyone else is for the full wide spread release.

Looks like we finally have a date… March 1st.

Again Portal Power TV shared an image of a Toys”R”Us inventory print out that shows the Skylanders Battlecast Battle Packs and Booster Packs releasing on March 1st.

You can check out more about Skylanders Battlecast in my coverage in previously articles and videos.



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