Skylanders SuperChargers Land Racing Action Pack & More Up For Ordering At Amazon

Skylanders-SuperChargers-Wave4 (1)

Amazon is once again at the forefront of Skylanders SuperChargers releases, this time being the first US retailer making the Land Racing Action Pack available for pre-order for Skylanders SuperChargers.

In addition to Racing Pack, many other packs are available for order/pre-order.

Remember, Amazon Prime members get 20% off pre-orders!

Pre-Order (February 15th)

Available Now

Don’t forget, if you don’t have it already, that the Sky Racing Action Pack is available for $18 at Amazon! Better price than picking up the Astroblast and Sun Runner individually.

Also, be sure to enter the latest Skylanders Inquirer giveaway featuring the two new Skylanders Easter Variants!

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