VIDEO: New Skylanders Imaginators Overview Video Shows Off New Sensei Figures


The official Skylanders YouTube channel published a new “Official Skylanders Imaginators: Overview Trailer” video this morning.

If you want to get a quick recap of what Skylanders Imaginators is all about, it is a great resource to use.

You can check the video below, but be sure to keep your eyes peeled for some hidden secrets!

So did you find anything of intrigue? Here’s what I saw:

“Bowslinger” Sensei


First time I remember seeing this guy. He does have the classic Skylanders Sensei yellow training belt, so he should be an official Skylanders Sensei figure.



We get our first in-game look at Flarewolf, a new Skylanders Sensei for Skylanders Imaginators.

His name first appeared in the MEGA Magazine feature a couple of weeks ago.

We also get our first look at (part) of his figure as well


Really excited to learn more about him, he looks like a blast to play with!

Painyatta & Boom Bloom


The one villain I know most of you have been waiting for is Painyatta. It’s been pretty evident he was coming, and looks like we have our first look (look to the left side).

In addition, if you look near the top right of the image, right above Aurora, you can see an unannounced Boom Bloom Life Sensei. Nothing is really known about that figure at this time.

Water Sensei


On the ride side, you can see an unknown Water type Sensei.

Chompy Mage — The Bazooker


We know Chompy Mage is coming to Skylanders Imaginators as a Villain Sensei, but here is our first in-game look at his character.

His gameplay style makes it appear that he will be part of the Bazooker class.



We got our first look at Airstrike in yesterday’s first look at the product images. But now we have our first clear look at the figure itself.

Imaginite Mystery Chest Pack


We got some more info about these Imaginite Chests yesterday, but today we got a nice close up look at their design.

Will these be sold in one pack? Blind bags? Who knows!

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