Skylanders Announces “Creator App” — 3D Print Your Skylander Creation (Including a T-Shirt and Trading Card!)


Skylanders has officially announced their plans on how they will allow you to truly bring your creation to life.

Introducing the Creator App!

Using this app, you can upload your own newly created Skylanders Imaginator figure.

Once it has been uploaded, you can place an order for three kinds of products: figure, card, or T-Shirt


You can really bring your creation to life, by ordering a 3D printed figure that comes in it’s own case.

And yes, you can place it on the portal to play as that creation in the game.

Quantities will be limited.

Ordering one will cost you $49.99 and users in North America will receive free shipping. If you are ordering internationally, there will be shipping charges involved



If you don’t want to spent that much, but still want to create some kind of physical version of your creation, you can also order a trading card version.

This card will include an NFC chip, allowing you to place the card on the portal to bring the creation to life as well.

Each card costs $14.99 and includes free shipping for North American users. International fans will have to pay for shipping


Want to really show off your creation? Order a T-Shirt!

Although it won’t include any “Toys-To-Life” functionality, you can show off your creation with pride.

Each shirt will costs $24.99 + shipping.

The T-shirt will include obviously a picture of the character, but also it’s name, battle class, and element type.

They will be available in kids and adult sizes. Those looking for more custom T-shirt options may want to check out what they can create with the help of Imprint – they are great for personal use, use for a club or sports team, and even for promotional purposes.


The app will be available for free and will be released at launch.

How do you transfer your character from your console game to the app? Good question!

Skylanders has created a special audio technology that will play various audio cues that the app will listen to. The app can then decode these audio noises to transfer over their creation. Pretty interesting stuff!

In addition there will be specific chests available in the app to unlock more creations. Here is how the press releases puts it:

The Skylanders Creator app will feature Timed Imaginite Chests that give users new creation parts for their Imaginators at certain times during the day, dailySensei Chests featuring special parts unique to that Skylander, a collection menu where players can access all of their created Imaginators, called My Imaginators’ Creation Gallery, and the ability to share created characters with fans around the world. The availability of the Skylanders Creator app features vary by region.

Friend of the site, Andy from FamilyGamerTV got some hands on information with the products. Check out his complete interview and demo!

Additional information has been revealed via their FAQ page:


You can only transfer your Skylanders from the console game to the Creator App, but not the other way around. To bring your creations to life from the Creator App in the console game, you’ll need to order an Imaginator Card or Imaginator Figure.


The “Chirp” functionality transfers your Imaginator Skylander by using sound. Please make sure that the volume on your TV is turned up and that your mobile device is close to a speaker to receive the Imaginator data.


Yes, all the same parts are available. In the app, you’ll get three daily chests where you’ll receive parts. Check back daily to open your chests and receive more parts! Any parts that you own on the console game can be unlocked in the Creator App if you transfer over an Imaginator that has those parts equipped.


The app is free to download and play. All parts in the Creator App are unlocked through your daily chests. In the app, you can visit our store to order custom t-shirts, Imaginator Cards, or Imaginator Figures.


Shirts ordered from our store with your customized Imaginators are not playable in the console game. However, the Imaginator Cards and the Imaginator Figures are fully playable in the game.


The Creator App is available on iPhone and iPad devices for iOS. It is also available on Android tablets and smartphones. If you only have a windows smartphone you may want to try an android emulator and see if sites like Cult of Apps have a download option for you.

Here is the full press release:

Activision Publishing, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, Inc. (NASDAQ: ATVI) and Skylanders® Imaginators is dedicating the entire month of October to creation and bringing imaginations to life. The month-long celebration includes the launch of Skylanders Imaginators, this year’s tentpole console game release; Skylanders™ Academy, the Netflix Original series; Skylanders Creator, a new mobile app that allows kids to create characters on-the-go; and much more.

The Countdown to Creation begins with the release of Skylanders Creator, a new free mobile app that offers Portal Masters a one-of-a-kind experienceto create Imaginator characters on-the-go! Featuring the robust creation tools similar to those available in the console game, players can simply download Skylanders Creator from select iOS and Android mobile devices’ app stores to begin creating Imaginators from scratch – or players can magically transfer their created characters from the console game to the app using state-of-the-art audio technology.

For the first time in toys-to-life history, fans can use Skylanders Creator to immortalize their Skylanders Imaginators creations in a variety of physical forms including:

  • 3D Printed Imaginator Figure – Fans can bring their character creations from the digital world to life in the physical world as a 3D printed Skylanders Imaginators figure. The custom-printed Imaginator arrives in full color, posed on a base and enclosed in a clear protective dome – making it a true collector’s item. The figure is fully playable in the Skylanders Imaginators console game! Quantities are limited for 3D figures.
  • Imaginator Card – Fans also have the option to order high-quality, custom made trading cards emblazoned with a full color image of their creation and fully playable in Skylanders Imaginators. Players simply place the card on the Portal of Power™ and watch their creations come to life in the videogame.
  • Imaginator T-Shirt – Portal Masters can show off their Imaginators on a premium, full-color, customized T-shirt featuring an image of their very own creation, the character’s Battle Class, element and name!

The Skylanders Creator app will feature Timed Imaginite Chests that give users new creation parts for their Imaginators at certain times during the day, daily Sensei Chests featuring special parts unique to that Skylander, a collection menu where players can access all of their created Imaginators, called My Imaginators’ Creation Gallery, and the ability to share created characters with fans around the world. The availability of the Skylanders Creator app features vary by region.

“Since we first pioneered toys-to-life, fans have been clamoring for ways to express their love for Skylanders. Now with the Skylanders Creator app and the launch of Skylanders Imaginators, the sky is the limit,” said Paul Reiche, co-founder and studio head at Toys For Bob. “This year, Skylanders is putting the power of creation in the hands of fans in ways never before imagined, and we can’t wait to see the millions of Imaginators that will be dreamed up by our Portal Masters around the world.”

The Countdown to Creation month also includes the following:

  • CBS Films: Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life – James Patterson’s Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life and Skylanders® have one major thing in common: they’re giving kids the freedom to re-write the rules of play! The two powerhouse entertainment brands are teaming up to celebrate the release of the film Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life on Oct. 7 and the Skylanders Imaginators videogame launch on Oct. 16 in North America. GameStop’s Skylanders® Adventure Club members in the US who pre-order Skylanders Imaginators will receive two free movie tickets to Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life while supplies last between Sept. 24 – Oct. 16, 2016*.
  • Skylanders 3D Printed Contest – Starting Oct. 24, Portal Masters can win the opportunity to receive their custom 3D-printed Imaginator figure via a global Skylanders 3D-printed Imaginator contest. To participate, fans are encouraged to create an Imaginator in Skylanders Imaginators or using the Skylanders Creator app. Shared creations on social media channels using the dedicated #CreatorContest will be automatically entered to win.
  • “Skylanders Academy” – On Oct. 28, Activision Blizzard Studios in partnership with Netflix will debut “Skylanders Academy,” a new animated action adventure series based on the award-winning Skylanders franchise. The show follows Master Eon as he assembles a ragtag group of heroes to protect the universe from evil-doers Kaos and the Doom Raiders. Jam-packed with humor, heart and memorable moments, “Skylanders Academy” promises to keep viewers on the edge of their seats with epic action for kids of all ages. The new original series will debut worldwide on Netflix with 13 episodes.

Portal Masters can unleash their imaginations like never before when Skylanders Imaginators launches in North America on October 16! Developed by Toys For Bob and Activision Publishing, Skylanders Imaginators empowers players to unleash their imaginations by giving them the freedom to create their own Skylander. Kids will enjoy the immense possibilities available in the game – including appearance, powers, abilities, names, catchphrases, musical themes and much more – to create the wildest Skylanders imaginable. The new game introduces two new guest star characters, Crash Bandicoot® and his arch-nemesis Dr. Neo Cortex, to the lineup of Skylanders Sensei characters as fully-playable toys in Skylanders Imaginators. A fully-playable Kaos toy will be available for free to fans who pre-order and purchase a Skylanders Imaginators starter pack between October 16 – 22, 2016, while supplies last.

Developed by Toys For Bob, Skylanders Imaginators supports all 300+ Skylanders from previous games. The Skylanders ImaginatorsStarter Pack will be available for the suggested retail price of $74.99.

In North America, 3D-printed Imaginator Figures will be available for the suggested price of $49.99 each; includes free shipping. Limited quantities will be available. Imaginator T-Shirts will be sold for $24.99 each with availability and shipping costs varying. Lastly, fans can get their hands on Imaginator Cards for $14.99; including free shipping. These items will be available using the Skylanders Creator app, which is a free mobile download, subject to availability by territory.

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