Two More Retailer Exclusive Skylanders SuperChargers Variants Announced


Two more retailer exclusive Skylanders SuperChargers variants have been announced, joining the previous two, to bring a total of four so far.

The Nitro and Legendary series are back for Skylanders SuperChargers, and once again will be exclusive to Target and Toys ‘R’ Us respectively.

First, the Nitro Stealth Stinger vehicle is available for pre-order from Target and will be available on launch day, September 20th.

Secondly, the Legendary Hurricane Jet-Vac is available for pre-order from Toys ‘R’ Us, also available at launch on September 20th.

So this means four retail exclusive variant figures will be available at launch:

One thing of note, the Frightful Fiesta is available ‘first’ at GameStop. So GameStop has a timed exclusive on the Frightful Fiesta figure, but will receive a wide release as we get closer to Halloween.