FIRST LOOK: Legendary Pit Boss figure for Skylanders Imaginators (Toys”R”Us Exclusive)


Here is our first look at the Legendary Pit Boss figure coming exclusively to Toys”R”Us later this year.

This is the second figure in the line of Legendary figures for Skylanders Imaginators, after the release of Legendary Tri Tip.

Don’t forget the line of Legendary Creation Crystals coming out in the next few weeks as well!

Legendary Tri Tip is currently showing a release date of December 2nd in Canada, which may or may not be the final release in the U.S. as well.

No word yet on the release date of the standard version of Pit Boss, but has a good chance to be in wave 3. Wave 3 is scheduled to release sometime in mid-November to December.


Thanks to Nick D. for sending me the tip on Facebook!