“Heartbreaker Buckshot” figure removed from Skylanders website, indicates variant figure has been cancelled

Heartbreaker Buckshot looks to have been cancelled and will not be released as a special Valentines variant for Skylanders Imaginators.

As Skylanders fans know, various holiday themed variants have been released over the years for Skylanders games. Typically the variant figure is released several weeks before the actual holiday.

So we expected the case to be for Heartbreaker Buckshot.

Now two weeks out from Valentines Day, the Valentines Day themed Buckshot figure is nowhere to be found.

Hasn’t shown up in-stores, retailer inventory systems, or any kind of crumbs anywhere on the internet.

Now this weekend, Heartbreaker Buckshot has been removed from the Skylanders website in all regions.

Some may say this another sign of Skylanders on the edge of being cancelled, some may say the figure was just creepy looking and may not have sold well.

The official word? We’ll probably never know.

Skylanders is famously super quiet about things like this, so we’ll never know Heartbreaker Buckshot’s true fate.

But with it showing up nowhere yet, and now being removed from the website… safe to safe it’s not coming.

Want some good news? Thankfully the Easter variants are still on pace to be released towards the end of February per SCLMatt’s reporting.

Plus we know we’re still getting Wave 4, as pre-orders have gone live in Italy. So don’t give up hope yet!