FIRST LOOK: Eggbomber Air Strike packaging at Toys”R”Us (Skylanders Imaginators Wave 4 incoming!)

Wave 4 of Skylanders Imaginators is imminent, and we now have our first look at some of the product packaging coming for these figures.

Thanks to twitter follower @VG_Figures, we get our first look at the Easter variant Egg Bomber Air Strike packaging.

Alongside the figure, you’ll also spot Grave Clobber, a sign that Wave 4 is coming any day.

Wave 4 hasn’t fully been pinned down yet, but we are expecting a mix of the following (and perhaps all at various points throughout March)

  • Grave Clobber single figure
  • Painyatta single figure
  • Cursed Tiki Temple level pack (with Wildstorm figure) — Available March 12th
  • Dark Creation Crystal single pack (the one that was included in the 8-pack and triple pack, at least)
  • Easter Variants
    • Egg Bomber Air Strike
    • Hard-Boiled Flare Wolf
    • Tae Kwon Crow variant (Unconfirmed/rumored)

Per previous reporting by my friend Matt over at SkylandersCharacterList, the easter variants were shown to have a 2/27 release date, though that may have changed.

So keep an eye out over the next few days!